Tears of Dopamine
Tears of Dopamine


A show for all of us with hearts and minds who are Queer and NeuroSpicy+

The modern global version of "Radio Free Europe" of ideological ressistance repute. It is unfortunate the world is closing in on freedoms and humanity but it is doing so at a rapid rate, and all of us who can and should defend being different, need each other.

Tears of Dopamine talks real talk to real people, without using their real voices. Why? Because the fights they sometimes fight may need them to be annonymous because the world they live in, isn't safe.

Queer and alternative identities and minds of all kinds (but in particular parents and allies of trans and LGBTQIA+ youth) from around the world, are all featured in unprecendentedly revealing conversations from the heart with Duena and Dave who are themselves parents of trans children.

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